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  Donghua Gas Co., Ltd. is a large private enterprise specializing in the development and production of high purity gases and other special gases. The company is located in one of the engines for China's economic development, the heart of the Bohai Economic Circle - Xiaoji Town Industrial Park, Fengnan District, Tangshan, which is adjacent to Yanshan Mountains in the north, the Bohai Sea in the south, and close to the Caofeidian, Jingtang Port, Tianjin, and Qinhuangdao, enjoying rich in resources, convenient land and water transportation, and thus the unique geographical advantages and huge development potential.
   The company is a subsidiary of Tangshan Donghua Iron and Steel Enterprises Group Co., Ltd., with a total staff of 110 people, including 11 management personnel, 60 oxygen workers, 26 electricians and fitters, 7 meter workers, 3 laboratory workers, and 3 firemen. The company mainly sells oxygen (industrial oxygen, medical oxygen), liquid oxygen, nitrogen, liquid nitrogen, argon, liquid argon and other products, which can be widely used in electronics, petrochemical, metallurgy, environmental protection, medical care, basic research and other fields.
   The company has dozens of dedicated transport vehicles of all sizes, and strong product distribution capabilities. It has sufficient gas transport special-purpose vehicles, and is able to provide customers with product distribution services.  
  Since its establishment, with technology and innovation as the driven power, and relying on advanced gas purification equipment, as well as a number of experts engaged in gas production and research, the company has formed a professional technical team, and possesses the technology and ability to research and develop high technology gas products. The company can carry out technological transformation and innovation according to the special requirements of customers, in order to meet the needs of the market development.  
  Based on long-term vision and the scientific concept of development, adhering to the tenet of “being honest in doing things and loyal as a person”, and the corporate spirit of “pioneering and innovative, quality and efficient, unity and cooperation”, the company will continue to explore and innovate, make unremitting efforts to improve themselves and bring values for customers.