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Date:Dec 30,2015

On September 25,2015,The Supply Department of Tangshan Donghua Iron&Steel Enterprise Group Co.,Ltd organized the archives management training courses.And there are 11 workers participated in this training.

Archives and archival work overview: (1)definition, nature of the archives work; (2)the concept and characteristics of archival work; (3)content of archives work ; (4)The terminology of archives .

Documents archives :(1)The concept of document archives;(2)Collection work of documents: archives 、concept、content、importance、requirement、form;(3)The arrangement of the document: content and principle.

Technology Archives:1. The concept of technology archives; 2.the basic kinds of the technology archives; 3.technology archives Ref.

Personnel Archives:1. Personnel files and work of personnel files;2.The collection identification and archiving of personnel files.3.The classification and management of personnel files;4. The use of the personnel file and transfer.

Special carrier archives: (1)Archives of the archives of the photos; (2)The CD files ; (3)The video files; (4)the material Object files; (5)the license file.

The archives management works as a kind of information resource and as the real record of the enterprise production, technology research and operation activities meanwhile as immaterial assets as the synchronous development of enterprise playing an important role in enterprise management.Through the training of personnel archives management in Supply Department.The workers in the archival have a comprehensive cogitation and understanding and learn about the importance of the archival work.


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